Melissa Rivers Takes The Fashion Police Wheel

E! finally pulled their shit together and hired Melissa Rivers to host Fashion Police. ICYMI, after Joan Rivers (RIP) died, Kathy flat across bangs Griffith tried to run the show into the ground before Giuliana Rancic got low key racist. Then Kathy and Kelly Osborne quit, which tbh wasn't that huge of a loss. The whole thing was kind of like what I imagine happened after Massie moved away in the Clique books.

Anyways, Melissa, Joan's one and only DNA bank, is now going to host the show, which is what should have happened 6 months ago. Fashion Police is coming back in the fall with Melissa, Brad Goreski (idk), and Guiliana because you can't keep a bad girl down. There's no way the show is ever good again, but at least now we won't have to listen to a middle aged woman who doesn't know shit about cerulean blue give fashion advice.


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