Meet the Hottest Grand-Betch On Instagram

Instagram is full of hot betches to follow and subsequently envy, but none are as hot as Baddie Winkle right now.

Anyone who can rock an ironic tee like it’s their job and not give a fuck about posing with their bong is a damn hero in my book, so the fact that Baddie is like 80 something years old makes her account that much better.

Baddie gives about zero fucks and has openly admitted to being a big fan of medical marijuana and constantly prays for the basics, which is probably good because no one needs your prayers more than the basics.



bye basic ��

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She also dresses like it’s Coachella every single day. If you’ve got the balls to wear a crop top at a time in your life when your kids have kids, you’re probably the most confident and baddest betch of all time.

There’s been some debate about if her account is self-run or if one of her grandkids is the mastermind behind it all, but, TBH, I don’t really care. If you can talk your grandma into wearing a “booty is love” tie-dye t-shirt, more power to you.

BTW Baddie claims the posts and her tweets are all on her, but, like, I’m sure she had some help setting up an Instagram account. My parents are barely 50 and need some sort of help using their iPhones just about every day.



#stateofwinkle @dimepiecela ��������

A photo posted by BADDIE (@baddiewinkle) on


Baddie’s fame and 800k+ followers have even scored her a modeling deal. She’s been on billboards and is in some campaign for Dimepiece LA, and even though I didn’t know that company existed, an 87-year-old rando becoming a model and insta sensation is still pretty dope.


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