We Found Your Cyber Monday Shopping Anthem

“I want it when I want it, I don’t check the price I just swipe that,” goes the hook of Malu Trevejo’s new song, “Swipe Dat”, out today. The Cuban-born, Miami-based singer, dancer, and multi-platinum recording artist released a new single and accompanying video today, perfectly timed for Cyber Monday. The video is basically all your shopping fantasies come to life: dancing in a room full of Fashion Nova bags, floating in a pool alongside dollar bills, dancing while cash rains down—it’s a fun, high-energy video with eye-popping visuals. Which is very much needed on the first work day after a four-day weekend. Deals are great and all, but I’d wager most of us need more than savings to get us through the next eight hours at our desks. Enter: “Swipe Dat”. The song itself is infectious, with a hook that will get stuck in your head, lively horns, and relatable lyrics like “It don’t matter, I don’t do this for free / So be it, I’m the boss bitch”. “Swipe Dat” only just came out today, but I can already hear it all over the radio, in commercials, as part of the next viral Instagram dance challenge. Maybe something with wads of cash? I don’t know, thankfully it’s not my job to come up with social media challenges.

With the release of “Swipe Dat”, 16-year-old Malu Trevejo cements herself as one to watch in 2019. The video for her first single, “Nadie Como Yo”, has amassed over 7 million views in the few weeks since it dropped. Her 2017 debut, “Luna Llena”, has garnered over 70 million views since its release last year. She has over 7 million Instagram followers, where she racks up hundreds of thousands of likes her post. She’s 10 years younger than me, and it’s giving me a bit of an inferiority complex, but I guess that’s more of a “me” problem. In any case, “Swipe Dat” is legit the only song to listen to while you spend money on sh*t you don’t need, with money you don’t have. I suppose that makes it more of an everyday anthem than just a Cyber Monday one. But maybe that’s just a “me” problem again.

Watch the “Swipe Dat” video below, and start memorizing your credit card details, because we all know the hardest part about online shopping is getting out your credit card.

Images: Malu Trevejo / Unsplash