This Is The Most Savage Obituary We've Ever Seen

Have you ever wondered what it’d look like if Regina George wrote obituaries instead of burn books, (“Nana was the nastiest skank bitch, do not trust her! Those candies in her dish are expired and gross.”) wonder no more. A pair of siblings in Springfield Minnesota publicly dragged their deceased mother in her death announcement to the point you will think you’re accidentally reading like a private email exchange and should stop snooping. Of course, though, you never stop snooping, because that is both our national past time and greatest marketable skill.

These two sibs truly felt no love for their dear late ma and let it be known just how little she will be missed.

Imagine being so terrible that the two people who came out of your own vag and are like, contractually obligated to at least sort of love you decided to publicly send you off this way. While the whole situation is sort of tragic, it is nice to get a dose of juicy goss in the obits section. So thank you terrible woman, for raising two bold children with a dark sense of humor. May your spirit live on through them!

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