Get In Loser, We're Going Shopping: The 'Mean Girls' Eye Shadow Palette Is Happening

#BREAKING: This is not an alarm. This is not fake news. Happy! The super fetch makeup brand Storybook Cosmetics, known for using iconic stories (i.e., Harry Potter, Beauty and the Beast) for its inspiration, has officially announced their upcoming project: A Mean Girls-inspired eye shadow palette. How fucking grool.

The idea has been a longtime dream of theirs since they posted it on their Instagram account last October but after no updates for like, ever, (and seeing as the OG post was deleted), everyone assumed it just wasn’t going to happen as much as Gretchen tried to make fetch. Well, last week, the company posted an awesome teaser on their Instagram, confirming the collaboration and making true betches scream of excitement around the world.

Mean Girls Eye Shadow Palette

So this is like, a really huge deal. This is worthy of inviting them to have lunch with us every day for the rest of the week.

Missy Maynard, cofounder of the brand, told Popsugar the eye shadow palette was one of their first ideas and the brand is excited to secure licensing rights. She admitted that they’re “total Mean Girls fanatics.” Fine, you can sit with us.

Mean Girls

There will be 12 shades in the palette, but there are currently no official names or pictures. If they know what’s good for them, expect to see “Army Pants”, “Glen Coco”, and “Pink Wednesday.” Maybe even “Mouse, Duh”. IDK, it’s like I have ESPN or something.

Write it in your Lilly Pulitzer planner and get ready, because we’re about to go (online) shopping, loser. This is a must-have for all Queen Bees because the limit does not fucking exist for our Mean Girls obsession. No official release date has been mentioned yet, but if it doesn’t happen on October 3, so help me god, I’m shoving weird nutrition bars down somebody’s throat.