Mayor Bloomberg Bans Low Self Esteem

Okay not really, but he wishes. Apparently Bloomberg is starting a campaign to combat low self esteem in girls ages 7-12. This campaign involves putting up posters that tell you you're beautiful no matter what you look like. It's called the NYC Girls Project (perhaps inspired by the show Girls which pushes basically the same message).

I think DARE will turn out more effective. I don't see how posters and slogans will make anyone have higher self esteem. If high self esteem were so easily transferrable, we wouldn't need subway signs to make people believe they have it.

Also, it's bullshit to tell every girl they are “clever, adventurous, outgoing, unique, smart, and strong” because that is simply not true. SOME girls are SOME of those things. The rest are just okay.

Sure I definitely have high self esteem but I'm not walking around telling myself I'm Kim fucking Possible. Like I think that my biggest and most recent adventure was trying the new pumpkin flavor at 16 Handles. 

But I guess One Direction had an influence on Bloomberg when they said…you don't know you're beautiful, that's what makes you beautiful.

Source: The Cut


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