Mattel Discontinuing SeaWorld Barbie Because People At SeaWorld Are Assholes

Mattel is discontinuing it's SeaWorld Barbie because SeaWorld is an asshole to orca whales. ICYMI there was this crazy documentary, Black Fish, about how shitty it is for killer whales at SeaWorld. If you're bored, the movie is on Netflix and participate in a great drinking game – drink whenever something is fucked up.

Naturally, PETA and animal rights activists lost their shit and have been boycotting SeaWorld. So Mattel decided to stop making SeaWorld Barbie because she supports the abusive organization – or maybe Barbie is just trying to get paid so she can go to Cabo for spring break? Anyway, newsflash: if you or your sister still has a SeaWorld Barbie, then it's about to be worth major bank on eBay.

Personally, I would have discontinued SeaWorld Barbie years ago for the tragic camel-toe she has in her wet suit, it's Khloe Kardashian level.


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