Mary Kate Olsen And Olivier Sarkozy Got Married

Mary Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy got married – maybe. Nobody is quite sure if they did or did not say “I do”, but they've been wearing wedding bands, and some unnamed source (brother-for-sale Trent?) is saying they did get married.

Just so everyone is on the same page: This is the ultimate power marriage. Olivier Sarkozy is the half-brother of Nicholas Sarkozy aka former President of France (ever heard of it?) and is Managing Director of the Carlyle Group, which is the real life combination of Olivia Pope Associates and Bass Industries. Mary Kate is the Goddess Betch – she and her sister Ashley have like the highest net worth of any women in entertainment, she has an incurable case of resting betch face, and she gets full from thinking about a bagel.

There are some ugly realities to this relationship, like the fact that he could legitimately be her father since they're 17 years apart, or that their PDA is reminiscent of a teenage boy who hasn't gotten the hint he's been friend-zoned. Regardless, between the two of them, they have mega-power and influence in every sector of the world: politics, finance, celebrities, fashion, and straight-to-DVD-movies. Mr. and Mrs. Sarkozy are officially the new Illuminati.




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