Yay! Manipulative Narcissists More Likely To Succeed At Work

Great news, betches! Studies find that people who are slightly narcissistic, manipulative, and have antisocial personality disorder are more likely to succeed at work. This is great news for betches and the SABs they date across the globe. The studies basically found that people that have small levels of all these traits are able to negotiate better, are leaders in training because they crave the spotlight, are great at making alliances, and make amazing first impressions.

The downside is just that they're awful people who take credit for nice people's work, use their appearance and flattery to charm others, and deceive others to get their desired results. But I mean, who cares about those flosers anyway, right? Does anyone else think this strongly resembles all the traits on the Betch List? I wouldn't be shocked if a follow up study correlated success at work with loving #75 froyo too. Anyway, the study finds that you can't be so much of a sociopath that you're fucking your whole office or being a blatant shit starter with everyone around you, but you can be manipulative enough to like, not give a shit about hurting others and using your hot, fake smile to your advantage. Jordan Belfort's success makes a lot more sense now. 




Source: The Wall Street Journal


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