Male Birth Control Is Officially A Thing

Good news for when you take a break from #8 not fucking bros: Vasalgel, a male birth control, is expected to be on the market by 2017. This is great for betches and Barney Stinsons alike. Vasalgel is about to begin human trials, in case you want to sign your bf up.

So what is this male birth control and how does it work?

What it’s not: a hormone contraceptive, like the pill. I guess that’s good news for the guys who can’t even remember your birthday.

What it is: Vasalgel uses a technology similar to RISUG (reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance) that was developed like 15 years ago in India. Basically your guy can get a one-time injection directly into the vas deferens that cuts off production of sperm and lasts for an extended period of time. If at any point he wants to stop shooting blanks, he just gets another shot that reverses the first shot—how this works exactly, I have no fucking clue. Double negative, maybe? For all you manly men out there: it does not fuck with your testosterone so dw you won’t be any less macho than you undoubtedly are today.

Sounds legit enough…what are the potential consequences?

The good: Come 2017 you can finally delete that alarm that reminds you to take your bc. Also if more guys use the male birth control, fewer women will have to deal with the adverse side effects of hormonal contraception (like increased risk of heart disease, blood clots, weight gain, and all that other fun stuff). Also it has real power to change the way we look at birth control instead of everything always having to be the woman’s responsibility. TG because it’s about time bros did something to prevent unwanted pregnancy besides asking if you’re on the pill after the fact. 

The bad: The foundation working on Vasalgel is basically relying on crowdfunding and donations. They’re not really getting  cash money from the pharmaceutical industries because they would rather sell women a monthly pill (or ring or whatever) than a one-time male contraceptive. Like, why buy the cow when you can make a woman lease the milk and cut you a check every month? Something like that. 

The ugly: What if use of male contraceptive becomes as widespread as the pill? Would religious organizations object to it? Would we have more Supreme Court cases à la Hobby Lobby? But why male models?

Obv I can’t answer these questions and atm no one can, with the possible exception of Bill Nye the Science Guy. For now, we can just take comfort in the fact that our days of pregnancy scares are numbered and we can all go back to hating our periods 100% of the time.




Source: The Daily Beast


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