Should it Bother Me That I Make More Money Than My Boyfriend? Dear Betch…

Dear Betch,

So I've been dating a great guy for the past 5 months and he really is awesome. He's very sweet, considerate, he goes down on me a ton and he's hot. The only problem is that I make way more money than him (I'm younger) and I don't think he's as motivated as I am. I can't really figure out what is more important: how much I like him OR the supposed future we could have together.

It's really bad when people at work functions or my attorney friends ask me what he does and I LIE my fucking ass off. I don't want to admit to them that he works at a pet resort. It's fucking embarrassing and it makes me feel like garbage. Should I break up with him and look for more of a Pro? Please help.


Seriously Confused Betch

Dear Seriously Confused Betch,

If you have to lie because you're so ashamed of what your boyfriend does for a living, the guy isn't for you. It's okay to date a guy who isn't super rich or super motivated when you're young and just looking to have fun but if you're at a point in your life where you're looking at a serious commitment to a guy who could eventually be your husband and the father of your children, you want to be able to respect him at the end of the day.

Now no one likes a gold digging money obsessed whore but there's a difference between that and wanting a guy who has passions other than catching up on Breaking Bad and dreams that are bigger than getting through the day without smoking a joint. It sounds like this guy isn't a starving artist, he's just fucking lazy. Eventually your passionate lust will get old and you'll want someone you admire and who takes his shit seriously. Unless you're okay with cutting your guys balls off and having him as your house husband, move on to someone whose ambitions are in line with yours. Also, Pet Resort? Gross. Deal breaker.


The Betches

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