Major Style: How To Dress For Graduation

Graduating is a rite of passage in any betches’ life. It’s her day to the tell the world, “I partied hard for four (or more if you’re really smart) years and now I get to take a bunch of pictures with my financiers/family.”

Your parents didn’t shell out all that money for you to show up to graduation looking like a bum. Your parents work hard to put post-graduation pictures at their desk and tell their co-workers about how proud they are that their “little girl” graduated from an institute of higher learning.

So, if you want to nail that graduation ‘Gram and let all your parents’ coworkers know that while you may have majored in Comm, you have a PhD in being on-point, follow our guide to dressing for graduation.

Body Con

There’s a reason we don’t see a lot of body con dresses at graduation—and it’s not because they aren’t chic AF. But can you, like, imagine the Kim Ks of the world dedicating the amount of time it takes to get married three times to getting a diploma instead. The body con dress at grad says you have it all: the brains, the beauty, and mostly the bod.

Glamrous Chiquita Cutout Dress  // Rodium Bodycon Dress //  Klara Dress // Basic Instinct Dress


To officially announce you have moved into adulthood, you can go with something a little on the conservative side. Something that says, “Yeah, I may have vomited on this after getting blacked at one of my invites, but look at how responsible I was to get it dry cleaned.” Don’t go full young republican yet, save that until you’re dream-careering as a politician’s wife and hanging onto the arm on the 50th President of the United States. For grad, think more LC than Kristen and try a little black or little white dress.

The Tie Knot Dress // Glamorous Chiquita Coutout Dress in Black  // Nastygal In Deep Romper 


 Rise of Dawn Sunrise Ribbed Bodycon Dress // The Fifth Don’t Panic Striped Dress // Helter Skelter Cutout Dress // Crossover Romper 


While everyone else is covered in a drab black bag, you’ll be the queen of graduation in a radiant and colorful dress. Sure, you may not have stood out for some community service award or one of those weird latin phrases they used to refer to the kids who spent too much time in the library. But everyone will notice you when you reveal a dress in bright pink, blue, yellow or orange. Remember, it’s not how you start, betches, it’s how you finish.

Say It Right Dress // After Party Vintage Adelina Dress // Finder’s Keepers Romper  // Bandeu Mini Dress in Yellow


These are the outfits that bring out the waterworks. Frat bros will be crying as they realize you won’t be strolling into Lambda/Sigma Chi/[insert your school’s top house here] anymore. And it will always make grandma cry in the pictures because, she says, you look just like she looked when they had to enforce food rations or the 20-year-old model your grandpa just left her for. Either way, there will be tears. 

UNIF Crochet Dress // Highway Rebel Dress // Dazed Dress


Another conservative option that makes it very clear that your fancy schmancy college education gave you the ability to tell what season it is. A floral dress is perfect for your Spring graduation, and there’s probably some symbolic element of a blooming flower in there that your hot English prof would’ve loved.

Last Stand Dress // Rise of Dawn Palm Dot Com Cutout Dress // Gypsy Dress in Wildflower 



Now that we’ve safely made it through the conservative options, the two piece set is here to add just a hint of necessary sex appeal to your graduation. There’s no need to rush into adulthood (two words: gap year), and the two piece is a proper send off for celebrating the only time in your life where life’s hardest choices was what party you’re going to attend that night.

Jagged Frill Skirt  // Style Stalker Paradise Top & Skirt //  Asymetrical Cut in Nude & Black // Fifth Paperback Striped Tee & White Skirt 


For a betch that literally pre-gamed so hard for graduation she can’t walk across the stage.

Soludos Classic Sandal  // Erlina Gladiator Sandal // Chiara Ferragni Wink Flats


The learned choice that understands that if they must do graduation on the grass, and not on some stage or dance floor, like you’d prefer, then you won’t be a stick in the mud.

Dolce Vita Wedge  // BGBG Cue Wedge // Kyra Wedge


You don’t give a fuck about grass, you worked too damn hard for this moment, and you’re going to be a star walking across that stage in heels.

Nastygal Adore Heel in Pink (Comes in Black)  // Naomi Nude Heel


Cap Decor

Last but not least, decorating your cap with a group of friends or your house is the power move of graduation. It brings together all the best things about your full education: bedazzling skills from elementary school, the cliqueness of high school, and the ability to make your own independent/terrible decisions of college.


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