There’s Major Drama With Crocodile Birkin Bags

The Birkin bag has been a symbol of true love for the past decade. Whether that love is being bought by a sugar daddy or revenue from a sex tape is a different story. Either way, they’re icons of success and style, and are named after French actress and singer Jane Birkin—the Vanessa Paradis of the 1970s. 

The crocodile skin line is the most lux version of the Birkin bag. Kim K, Victoria Beckham, and JLo are all proud owners. They're kind of like an iPhone made of solid gold. But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. 

PETA released a video of how Hermes makes the crocodile Birkins (Spoiler Alert: It's pretty fucked up), and Jane was not pleased, to say the least. Tbh, it's 2015—if you thought a 6-figure leather bag with a waiting list literally years long was going to be produced ethically, you just got demoted to the kids’ table. Jane asked Hermes to “debaptize” the Birkin bag, aka stop using her name until they can make it without slaughtering crocodiles. So basically, Birkin is peacing the fuck out until they figure out a way to make the bags even more expensive. 


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