Trump's Assistant Forced To Resign For Spilling Trump Family Tea

The Trump Administration loses its staff members more frequently than I lose my headphones, which would be impressive if American politics weren’t at stake.

The most recent resignation comes from someone who lacks top billing in the administration but has worked with Trump since his election — his personal assistant. Madeleine Westerhout has abruptly left her position as Executive Assistant to the president after sources found that she had an off-the-record dinner with reporters, where she spilled the tea on intimate details about the Trump family. The words “intimate details about the Trump family” are like a violently graphic movie scene in that I don’t want to look because it’s so gross but also I can’t look away because it’s… so gross.

Though the details are unknown, CBS News has some dirt on the specific circumstances for said tea-spilling. Sources told the outlet that Westerhout “had been drinking and disclosed private details about the president’s family.  She also gossiped about TV news personalities seeking access to the president.” The latter of which just seems like… core responsibility for anyone reporting on the president.

Trump relied heavily on Westerhout over the past several years. She was one of few who had access to his schedule, and all calls for the president had to go through her. Though she wasn’t always a Trump supporter — she reportedly wept with sadness the night  of his election — she must have shared his values somewhat and was known for her loyalty to the president, which is ironic because she is now being forced to leave due to disloyalty. Karma usually gets all the credit, but tbh irony is a b*tch too.

So, who exactly is Madeleine Westerhout? And more importantly, why do we spell ‘Madeleine’ like that? Seems unnecessary. Anyway, Madeleine Westerhout was born in Newport Beach, California (lol of course) but moved to Charleston, South Carolina to attend the College of Charleston, where she studied political science. She then worked for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in 2012, and we all know how that ended. She moved on to work for the Republican National Committee, which coincidentally is something listed on my Tinder profile as a deal-breaker. From there, she was scooped up by Donald Trump as his assistant and was promoted to Director of Oval Office Operations in February 2019, but that promotion didn’t last very long. Too bad, so sad.

Staff members being forced to resign is pretty much expected in Trump’s circle, but having someone leave who has survived since the beginning of the presidency has shaken things up a bit. People in the White House are shocked to see her go, and are concerned about losing someone who was so vital in helping access the president.

Anyway, here’s some live footage of me thinking about whether or not I want to know what “intimate details about the Trump family” entails:

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