Mad Men Recap: An Inconvenient Tooth

We're going to keep this short because there's nothing more boring than a recap of the slowest episode in the world. At one point I even thought I was going to have to physically push the TV to move the plot forward. Can someone just call up the Weindog for us and tell him we want Betty back? FREE BETTY!

So what happened last night?

Well, Megan says peace bitches I'm outie and dips right out of work. Pete fooks Rory Gilmore, must have been her turn in the traveling pants rotation. Ginsberg is pissed Megan's leaving, but only because she owes him money…we need not say more. And Don can't get an elevator to work.

Did we miss anything? Oh, Peggy. Well fucking finally Peggy realizes she needs to chill out and stop taking everything so seriously. Like why do you give a shit if Megan is keeping a secret from Don? It isn't your business. You know how we know she's becoming chill…she's smoking a J during work.

Also, it has become quite apparent that Pete is going to com sui. They're literally shoving it in our faces, he's depressed, confused, misses stop signs, doesn't have life insurance, and is under the impression he needs two pairs of skis to ski.

mad men pete skisPete would tear shit up at the Pismo Beach Disaster Relief

We also have to mention the little funny moments that make the episode televisionary gold. Like, when Pete is in the phone booth and opens the door as Harry approaches and goes, what do you want? and Pete's all like, you came up to me and Harry's like you opened the door!…


Then the scene with Don calling Peggy at the office to look for Megan…Don: Peggy, is Megan there?Peggy: Isn't she at the restaurant with you?Don: Yes, we're playing a hilarious prank on you.

and of course…PIZZA HOUSE!!

It's when this shit happens that you're just like, Mad Men is soooo Mad Menny.

mad men don hippie

During all of this, Don is realizing that he's not going to be the shit for that much longer. He basically thinks the Shirley's or whoever are the Beatles. That's like thinking RHCP is AVB or that dropping the bass is a situation in which someone drops a guitar. Don's definitely going to go through some sort of crisis really soon where he's going to want to quit his job or take some classes or something. We can see it now, he's going to listen to a few more Beatles records, start growing weed in his apt, and start a local coffee shop where the cups are made of real hemp. Yo mon, no more mista Draper, it's Donny now.


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