Mad Men Recap: Don Gets Demoted

This episode of Mad Men revolved around the Drapers (current and former) dealing with one of our least favorite things in the world: having a job. Megan can't get one, Don wants his back, and Betty doesn't want one but she also doesn't want anyone else to have one either. 

Yes, times they are a'changing but Betty Draper Francis is not. She's finally back on the show and seems to be her usual sunny self. She's still taking her existential and permanent misery out on her kids in her usual way, by making them feel like horrible people and calling Bobby's teacher a slut while sitting two feet away from her. You can tell Bobby is thrilled that his mom is actually taking a small amount of interest in his life, even if it's only to feed her own delusional image of herself as a “good mother.” Betty Draper is the ultimate proof that moms can be at least as immature as their children, though she does look chic as fuck with her sunglasses and cigarette for lunch.

On the other coast, it's revealed that Megan is shadily a BSCB stalker who arranges to follow a director around to cry about possibly not getting a role. She's that girl. So at the request of Megan's concerned agent, Don surprises her in California and she greets him with what she thinks is a joke: Why are you here, did you get fired? 'Kward city. Then after having sex (naturally), Don admits to Megan that he's really here because he was worried about her becoming the Lindsay Lohan of '71, not because he misses her. She freaks out that he knows about her embarrassing behavior, and it takes her accusations of him cheating on her for Don to finally admit that he's not cheating, he's just trying to hide that he doesn't actually have a job either, per se. I swear I've been good. I haven't actually been drinking!…that much. 

Then Megan drops the bombshell: I want you to call a cab, get on a plane, and go home. This is how it ends. It's going to be so much easier for both of us. At least she's quick enough to realize that any marriage that started the way their's did isn't going to work and cutting it off now is the smartest move, aka while she's still hot enough to trade sex for roles. That's what happens when your relationship begins in the Magic Kingdom: it is a fantasy. 

Don seems upset about this, but more upset at his general status as a trainwreck than about losing Megan specifically. He tries to make it better, but he doesn't try that hard, because he could probably get a job in California easily. He could at least start fresh there, yet he'd rather go back to SC&P even though that means being the office embarrassment. Don uses an offer from another agency to get Roger to half-heartedly invite him back, which Don takes fully seriously. 

Don's return to the office was really painful to watch overall, but the worst part was the extremely cold shoulder from Peggy and Joan. Who do they think they are? He like invented them, you know. Peggy's still obsessing over the fucking Clio's. Lean out Peggy! 

But nothing made me cringe like when the partners said Don was going to work in Lane's office. And he will have to answer to Lou, who is a douchebag of aggressive proportions. Is this their attempt to make Don quit so they can take his shares back? We'll see. The episode cuts off abruptly (hopefully not in the like, symbolic way) with Don agreeing to work five feet from where Lane hanged himself. #blessed 


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