Mad Men Recap: Sally and the City

Last night's Mad Men was surprisingly light as far as Mad Men episodes go. Only two conversations about dying! Talk about uplifting.

It was Valentine's Day, but there wasn't so much love unless you count Pete fucking the realtor on his desk. The only actual “I love you” was from Sally to Don, though Pete was a close second with his super romantic “I want to chew you up and spit you out” aka his version of 'sweet nothings'. Megan wasn't even in the episode and it's very telling that Don spends V-Day with Sally instead of her. It's not like he has a job or something to prevent him from taking a fake work trip to be in LA with his wife. It makes me wonder, what is really stopping Don from sleeping with randos these days? It's just odd that when his wife decides to go cross-country, when it would be easiest for him to be unfaithful without consequences, is when he decides it's time to be faithful. He hasn't cheated on Megan for like, two whole weeks now which might literally be a record for him.

So Don may not be cheating on Megan, but he's still sad and pathetic as ever. No, not for sleeping until noon and sitting in front of the TV with Ritz Crackers™ a glass of alcohol all day (sweet life), but because he decides to get dressed up and fake-clean his apartment solely so that when his secretary comes over she won't see him as the massive deadbeat he is.

In the five minutes that Dawn comes to bring him coffee and Sweet-and-Low™, Don actually seems more professional and sober than if you were to add up all his moments of being professional and sober ever. This is especially sad considering how he genuinely believes he's getting his job back, while the partners affectionately refer to him in meetings as the collective ex-wife who still receives alimony. Maybe now that Roger is officially the black sheep of SC&P it would be in everyone's best interest for Roger and Don to just go start their own agency where the company culture embraces being a shameless degenerate. I know where I'd rather work.

Meanwhile at the office, Joan gets promoted (Team Joan), and Peggy continues on her pathetic march of not finding love and moping around. I was cringing (and laughing) when she thought the flowers were from Ted and she continually attempts to send him several cryptic messages, of which he picks up on zero. 

Now let's talk about Sally, casually the best character and a little ray of hope that might inspire Don to get his shit together. He was actually honest with her about why he was fired and it seemed like he was sort of relieved/happy to be truthful with a female for like the second time ever. On the other hand, this Valentine's Day spent with Don is guaranteed to consume at least 10-15 hours of Sally's future therapy sessions. She asks, “do you still love Megan?” but maybe a better question would've been “does Megan still love you or is she ready to leave your pathetic drunk ass the second a hot casting director offers to make her a 'big star?'” Sally always asks the hard-hitting questions and sees things for what they are. I only wish she would have this level of clarity over the fact that her eyebrow and hair color are entirely different.

Quotes of the Night

“I'd stay here till 1975 if I could get Betty in the ground.” (Where IS Betty?)

“She always corrects my English. I mean, I went to school in ENGLAND.” – Sally's culturally aware friend

“It's hard to believe your cat has the money.” That was way harsh, Stan.


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