Danielle L And Luke Pell Are Seeing Each Other

Luke Pell, the war vet singer-songwriter who, for reasons we will never understand, was passed over as The Bachelor this season in favor of turtleneck crybaby Nick Viall, may have found love on his own with one of Nick’s own girls! Danielle L, who spent the first couple of episodes of Nick’s season as a potential frontrunner until Nick realized she was boring AF and sent her home immediately after she told him she loved him (ouch) and Luke are apparently dating now, and they didn’t even need a trip to the BIP island to make it happen. But before you lose it over the fact that you and Luke will never be together now, things are not that serious. I mean, you prob still don’t have a chance with Luke or anyting, but he’s not fully taken. 

According to an interview he did with US magazine, he and Danielle L are still in the hanging out phase of their relationship, which in layman’s terms means they’re just hooking up right now. Luke told US that he still considers himself single (does Danielle know that?) and that he’s “just trying to get to know people and try to take everything slow.” All of this is particularly awkward when you consider that at least some of Nick’s contestants had come into the show thinking The Bachelor would be Luke, since casting pulled the plug and switched to Nick (whywhywhywhy) just hours Luke was supposed to board a flight to L.A. and start dating 30 women at once. Everyone—even the casting department—thought that Luke was going to be The Bachelor, which begs the question, did Danielle L come for Nick, or Luke?

Danielle L

According to that same interview, after the Pell-Viall switch was made, casting had to reach out to all the girls to see who would stay given that their bachelor had now changed from a West Point graduate war vet with the voice of an angel to someone who once said the phrase “If you weren’t in love with me I’m just not sure why you made love with me?” on national television as if he’s never heard of horniness his life. After the girls who didn’t GAF who The Bachelor was because the whole point was to be on television anyway were selected, casting had to then find new girls who specifically wanted to date Nick Viall and at least one mental health counselor for support. 

Taylor Women Tell All

So which was Danielle, a fame whore who is down to date anyone as long as it means TV time, or a complete lunatic who would actually volunteer to date Nick Viall in front of millions of people? I guess we’ll never know, but a word to the wise Danielle, do not tell Luke you love him after two dates. That shit does not go well. 

Danielle L eliminated

Alise Morales
Alise Morales
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