Betches Love This Book: Luckiest Girl Alive

There aren’t many books out there that have a protagonist that’s a betch through and through. That’s why stumbling upon Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll should be a great moment in your life.

Let’s talk plot.

From the get-go, Ani is an icon. She works for The Women’s Magazine, she snagged a Pro finance guy and maintains a killer body thanks to a combination of genetics, not eating, and regular barre classes. But of course, to make it an interesting story, Ani’s, or should I say TifAny’s, past is riddled with, like, the most traumatic shit.

This trauma is not revealed to you in a word vomit-ish, single chapter. The story is told by bouncing back and forth between Ani’s now, seemingly perfect life, and her super fucked up and troublesome past.

Ani is many things, but true betches will definitely find her relatable. She’s smart and funny, but also knows her weaknesses. She knows she should order the pan seared sole, but goes for the pizza and wine because we all have those moments where we give up for a quick second. And she knows that personal style is about finesse and that a gaudy LV bag is a sure sign you’re not from around here.

I’m trying not to reveal the whole plot because this isn’t fucking Spark Notes and no one is going to quiz you on this shit, but if you want a good reason to start a book club or just want an answer to the “what have you read lately?” question douchebags ask you on a first date, this is your read. Also, the book is being turned into a movie that Reese Witherspoon is making a’ la Gone Girl so you too can be one of those annoying people who talks about how the book was ‘sooo much better’ than the movie. Seriously. Just read it. 


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