I’m Stuck in a Love Triangle! Dear Betch…

Big news betches, we're doing a special 'Dear Betch' series in partnership with the movie That Awkward Moment to decode reader-submitted texts and the guys behind them. The movie comes out on January 31st and Zac Efron's in it, sooo like you should obvi go see it.

Dear Betch,

So I hooked up with this guy (let’s call him Will) 2 weeks after ending a 2-year relationship with his roommate (let’s call him Jason)… I wanted to tell Jason to make him mad, but instead consulted Will first, and that was his response. They've been friends for like 5 years butttt evidently not that good of friends…


Dear Girl Who’s Trying to Start Sh*t,

Trying to start drama and an awkward situation by messing with your ex and his roommate is tempting, but at the end of the day is too obvious to make you seem like you’re winning in any way. 

Now, let’s decode this text. Will says he doesn’t care that you’re going to tell Jason. In fact, he seems proud of the fact that he hooked up with you and tells you he was pretty into it. I assume this means one of two things. Will obviously either likes you and has had a thing for you for some time or harbors a secret hatred for your ex and this might be his way of expressing that passive aggressively. The fact that you basically just used him to make your ex mad is kind of messed up, even for a betch. In fact, your winky face and awkward, sarcastic remark about Will really respecting him indicates to me that you wish he respected Jason more which would create more drama and cause more issues. If you really didn’t want to cause problems or had genuine feelings for Will, you would probably be less intent that these bros begin a fight over you and would be happy that Will wasn’t ashamed to have hooked up with you.

I assume your ex broke up with you since you seem to be so angry and out for revenge, but hooking up with his friend will eliminate any respect he might still have for you and any shot that you could get back together. Now you’ve created a weird love triangle where no one is going to get what they want and everyone will feel weird around everyone else. Next time, find your rebound skank at the bars.


The Betches

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