Louis Tomlinson of 1D Is Starting His Own Record Label

Apparently Louis Tomlinson of One Direction is starting his own record label. Much like Simon Cowell’s Syco Label, which signed them from the UK X Factor show, Louis is also seeking new talent from alums of X.

According to Billboard, he’s already signed finalist Jack Walton. Jack looks like a skinnier and taller Justin Bieber but we can see why Louis would be interested in him.



Looks like Louis is trying to pull a Timberlake move by producing other artists – it will be interesting to see if his clients will show range outside of 1D’s traditional pop boy band sound or if they’ll all be Jack Walton types.

But this doesn’t look so good for those mourning over Zayn’s departure – looks like the members are going in more than one direction and it’s only a matter of time before Harry Styles goes solo – we’re all thinking it.


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