Locanda Verde: Good Luck Getting A Reservation

Locanda Verde Rating: 9.5

Food: 4.0

Service: 3.0

Atmosphere: 2.5

Locanda Verde is known as one of the best restaurants in the city and for very good reason. Not only was the food amazing but the service was impressive. It was like the waiters had tried the food before and actually knew what to recommend. How crazy. Also, this restaurant is like more than five years old and it’s still really hard to get a reservation, and any club-going betch knows how hard it is to keep exclusivity up for that long.

The crowd

Older crowd. Not like grandparents, but like the managing director at your boyfriend's investment bank’s age. 

The atmosphere

Very Italian, very classy. The restaurant is pretty big but you sit close to people anyway. High ceilings, medium noise level, and no annoying music that forces everyone to talk louder.

The service

Locanda Verde is the kind of place where they fold your napkin on your chair when you go to the bathroom, because everyone knows unfolded napkins are a symbol of the ghetto. The wine was really good and the waitress knew not only what to recommend when we told her our tastes, but what foods it would go well with. It’s like she studied or something. 

Is the bread worth the carbs? The ricotta with bread, sea salt, and olive oil was amazing and worth every carb and subsequent minute spent at Soul Cycle as a result.

Is there a chance you’ll see a celebrity? Robert DeNiro (owner), Bradley Cooper

Is it instagram friendly? Terrible lighting, and the food is not the most photogenic because it’s a lot of heavy meats and pastas. But believe it or not, not everyone has to know about every amazing meal you eat.

Shoe situation: Heels for sure or really nice flats, you know just in case there's a selfie opp with Robert DeNiro

Good for: Definitely a date spot or a take-your-parents spot, and not so much a “casual Wednesday din with your besties” spot. Unless you're chic.

Neighborhood: TriBeCa

Price: $$$$

The Food

Rabbit tortellini – The pasta was al dente and the meat was cooked perfectly. Gotta tend the rabbit tortellini, George.

Girandole – Delicious. Not too much cheese or cream despite this being a cream-based pasta. The meat was smoky but not like black lung smoky.


Tortellini, Girandole

Pomegranate-glazed duck – A little chewy but very good flavor and the grains on the side were great, mostly because they were cooked to perfection, making them totes worth the carbs.

Roasted Skate – With sicilian cauliflower, pine nuts, lemon and capers. Lightly fried, heavily mouthwatering. The onions and cauliflower were also amazing. Locanda Verde is mad good at onions.

Gluten Free Options

They say they can modify a lot of the dishes if you let your server know, but some options include: ensalata de Andrea, the paccherri, fire roasted chicken, and all the side dishes. They don't have gluten free pastas but their sister restaurant is Bar Primi, where they have gluten free pasta. 


For dessert they didn’t really have their menu together in that it was slightly different from what they actually served. So there was a little awk moment where we ordered a chocolate/cappuccino dessert and they brought us some sorbet nonsense (which looked really good actually) and they were like “uhh we replaced the chocolate dish with this fruity shit” (not in those words, obvs). So we ended up being brought a chocolate dessert with creme and some type of coffee ice shavings and we were into it.


Restaurant Info

Locanda Verde

377 Greenwich St
New York, NY 10013

Phone: (212) 925-3797

Website: locandaverdenyc.com


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