Lindsay Lohan Tried To Kidnap Two Refugee Children

If I had to pick the most fascinating pop culture personality of 2018, the obvious contenders would be Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, or maybe Cardi B. But I’d like to nominate Lindsay Lohan. The LiLo content in 2018 has already been excellent, from her becoming a nightlife mogul in Greece to a viral dance challenge, but today’s story really takes the cake. Lindsay Lohan is still batsh*t crazy, and we have video proof.

These days, when Lindsay isn’t showing us how to throw a party in Mykonos, she’s busy crusading for social justice in the Arab world. It’s unclear if they, like, want her there, but she looooooves Dubai, and she’s super into Islam (though it’s not clear if she’s actually Muslim at this point). On Saturday, she went Live on Instagram, and took her viewers on a truly insane ride that feels like an episode of Homeland combined with an episode of Black Mirror. 

In Moscow, Lindsay was talking to a refugee woman and two small children, basically harassing them about how she wants to help them out. She offers them a chance to stay in a hotel and watch movies on a computer (probably The Parent Trap), and the mom tells Lindsay to leave them alone. LiLo isn’t happy about the rejection, and she starts following them through the street, and accuses the mom of trafficking the two children. If that sounds horrifying, that’s because it is. Lindsay’s bizarre foreign accent is back in full force, and she throws in a few Arabic words mixed in with things like “you’re ruining Arab culture,” and “don’t f*ck with Pakistan.”

Lindsay keeps saying that she’ll walk forever to make sure the children are okay, and at some point it becomes clear that Lindsay wants to literally take the children. Um, Lindsay, can we talk for a minute? I get that you’re crazy, but perhaps, just perhaps, going on Instagram Live and threatening to take a woman’s children is crossing a line. I’m so concerned.

At the end of the Live video, Lindsay gets close enough to touch the children, at which point the mom turns and PUNCHES LINDSAY. I’ve gotta say, this season of Bad Girls Club is really delivering on the drama.

LINDSAY: Don’t f*ck with Pakistan!


In subsequent videos, Lindsay looks pretty shaken up, but luckily the children have escaped her grips. I’m not gonna say Lindsay deserved to get hit, but there’s really no excuse for ever trying to take a mother’s children off the sidewalk. If she had legitimate concerns about whether the kids were okay, I’m sure there’s an agency or something that she should’ve called, with actual resources to handle the situation.

TL;DR: Lindsay Lohan is on the streets of Moscow trying to snatch refugee children, and she needs to get her sh*t together.

Images: Shutterstock; @ryanspearsz / Twitter; Giphy