Lindsay Lohan Makes Headlines by Giving an Interview Not Blackout: Real World Roundup

Our fave #7 bat shit crazy betch LinzLo actually had a good interview on Letterman. By that I mean, she seemed sober and spoke in almost complete sentences. TG papparazzi caught her getting blackout five minutes after she claimed she was excited for rehab or I would have thought she hired a double. Read article >>

An NFL player got in trouble with the league for saying they should allow Adderall because “half the league takes it.” The NFL is def #197 overreacting. How else are these bros supposed to remember all the different affairs they're having when they have eight fucking concussions? On Wednesdays we pop addy. Read article >>

Apparently Teen Mom Farrah's sex tape is not a sex tape, but a full-on porno she wants to sell for two million dollars.  Farrah says she originally made it for her “personal collection,” (read: she wants to remember how she looked when she was ano), but now she's willing to sell. Unfortunately for Farrah, she's only gotten offers in the hundred thousands. Hell no, I did not leave MTV for this! Read article >>

Microsoft is trying to #1 talk shit on Google with their new Scroogle campaign. Seriously Microsoft, stop trying to make fucking “windows market” happen. it's not going to happen. Do you know people say about you, windows market? You're a homeschooled jungle freak who's a less hot version of the app store.Read article >>


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