Lindsay Lohan is Suing Fox News

Lindsay Lohan and her mom Dina are suing Fox News for a comment they made literally a year ago about them doing cocaine together. At the time, Linds asked them to apologize and take down the video clip, but the clip never got taken down.  Who knows if they’ve ever actually done coke together, but the whole thing seems kind of petty. 

The official lawsuit uses some bullshit line about how much these remarks have potentially damaged Lindsay’s career, which is hilarious because I’m pretty sure she did all the damage herself. I know she’s supposedly turning over a new leaf and wants a career again, but I feel like no one actually cares about what Sean Hannity said a year ago (or five minutes ago, but whatever.)  Also Dina like give it a rest, at least someone said your name on TV.  Because you have no actual claim to fame other than being Lilo’s mom, you should be pretty fucking happy about whatever press you can get.




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