Lindsay Lohan Has A Shitty iPhone Game Now Too



We all know the world is a terrible place, so I guess it shouldn't be that surprising that Lindsay Lohan now has an iPhone game where the only goal is getting famous.  If this sounds familiar, maybe it's because Kim Kardashian did the same exact fucking thing six months ago. I love Lindsay, but you know shit is bad when Kim Kardashian is your role model. 

Let me walk you through the game. I played for about three minutes, which was easily enough time to master the concept. Unlike the Kim K game, where you have to actually do photo shoots and appearances and shit, in the LiLo game you literally just swipe up over and over again, and for each swipe you get another fan. That's the whole damn game  Also the cartoon people are fugly and I didn't even have enough money in the game to buy hair for my character. Fucking ew. Sorry Lindsay, but I'd rather watch Herbie: Fully Loaded 100 times than play this fucking game again.


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