Lindsay Lohan Claims Jennifer Lawrence Fucks For Roles

Next in Lindsay Lohan news, she is now claiming several unflattering things in an interview with Kode Magazine (who?) about various celebrities including (but probably not limited to):

  • Jennifer Lawrence fucks for roles. She says: “She's so fake and I'm sorry I'm not going to fuck for roles.” I mean personally if I had to guess which of these two has fucked for a role it would OBVIOUSLY be Lindsay but sure.
  • Rachel Zoe stole her clothes. “She stole a lot of my shit. Designers would send me stuff and she would just take it. That's shady.” Remember when Lindsay was accused of stealing shit like many times? I'm sensing a pattern and that pattern is that everything people accuse Lindsay of, she turns around and accuses other celebrities of the same thing.
  • She's fucking/used to fuck Jared Leto: “All my friends love Jared, we've been off and on for years.” Then she added that he's good in bed, which probably the only true thing she said the whole interview past five years.

The writer is also claiming that Lindsay drank in front of him and she admitted she is sleeping with a married father, however she's denying that she ever interviewed with this magazine in person at all, and that it was all done via email. You would think that someone who lies as often as she does would have enough practice to come up with a better one that can't be confirmed by looking in someone's inbox.

Source: NY Daily News


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