Lindsay Lohan And Rick Ross Hang Out Together

So Lindsay Lohan Instagrammed this picture with Rick Ross, and I have just so many questions as to why the fuck this happened. She's throwing up the West Side hand signal, probably because she started watching The Wire and thought it was acceptable. Lindsay tries a bold move and doesn't put a hashtag in front of blessed, but also throws in #singinsister so that's a wash. I have a couple of theories as to why somebody took the time to over-filter this pic:

1. They're dating.

This would be the most absurd celeb couple of all time (sorry Katy Perry and Russell Brand). She's bat shit crazy, he's a hella grungy rapper. Like, is she trying to be a Kardashian? Tbh, Rick Ross is a step up from Aaron Carter – at least he has a career. I low-key want them to be a thing. BuzzFeed would be insane for weeks with material from this gruesome twosome.

2. They're about to drop the hottest mixtape of 2014.

The music industry would explode. Nobody can handle that much crazy in a 3 minute single. But Ricky Rozay's writers would make such creative puns about Lindsay's movies. “Parent trapped her on a freaky Friday/I enjoy her more when she's on Molly.” I might actually consider paying $1.29 for that.


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