Lindsay Lohan: Amanda Bynes Mental Breakdow can go Fuck Itself, I’m Proclaiming my Love of Ecstasy

Lindsay Lohan had an interview with Piers Morgan that was just released by the Daily Mail. In it Lindsay reveals some really interesting bullshit information like that she doesn't drink and has only done coke like 4 or 5 times. But the best part of the interview is where Linds reveals that she calls her mom 'mum' and that her favorite drug is ecstasy. Who would've thought that she would prefer rolling deep to cutting lines? Also, who let this bitch give this kind of interview? Any PR betch worth her weight in Louboutins knows that proclaiming a love of Molly is way less fucking frightening to the general American public than using ECSTASY and love in a sentence together. Also, no wonder she says she hasn't had a drink in a year, it's good to know she's replaced alcohol with MDMA.

Source: TMZ


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