Lily Rhodes Van Der Woodsen Bass Humphries Got Her Children Back

ICYMI Kelly Rutherford, aka Lily Rhodes Van Der Woodsen Bass Humphries from Gossip Girl, has been in a custody battle that rivals her character's. She and her husband got divorced and he got full custody of their kids, but he fucked up his American visa and had to move back to Monaco, taking their two children with him. But Kelly was like “bring back my girls” and has been trying to sue to get her kids back for a couple years. Ed Westwick helped Kelly by showing up to the courthouse and saying, “I'm Chuck Bass,” and Kim Kardashian Tweeted about it, so, naturally, Kelly won.


The judge ruled that because Kelly's kids are American citizens, they have a right to live in America. Even though her husband has sole custody and can't come back to America yet, the kids have to live in LA. So instead of obeying custody laws, the judge decided that all Americans should live in America, even if their mother wasn't fit to have sole custody in the first place and is also bankrupt. Best of luck to those kids, they're going to need it. My only question is why the fuck didn't E! film this for a show?


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