Lilly Pulitzer Employee Caught With Fat-Shaming Cartoons

Lilly Pulitzer, a clothing manufacturer whose designs are inspired by the fever dreams of Ole Miss sorority girls and worn by the kind of woman who reflexively speaks to brown-skinned people in loud, overly enunciated English, is doing a great job of staying in the news lately. First, their collection for Target created its own black market economy on ebay. Their latest attempt to show what a cool, hip company they are with a slideshow in New York Magazine’s The Cut has backfired: One of the photos of an employee’s workspace showed a couple of crude, “fat-shaming” cartoons.

The internet being what it is, this obviously cannot stand. Lilly Pulitzer’s headquarters have already been burned to the ground, probably.

“I just got back from Texas for work. I went to a sweater-manufacturing seminar. That was a lot of fun. Three weeks ago I got back from China, traveling for work, visiting the factories. We got to see our resort line. It’ll be out around Christmas,” said Marielle Nestor, Product Development and Production, before choking down her company-mandated lunch of Perrier and a mustard packet. “They used to give us ketchup until they realized it contained sugar,” she sobbed.

The company has “apologized” for people being so fucking sensitive, telling US Weekly that “…we are a female-dominated company and these images do not reflect our values. We apologize for any harm this may have caused.”

Lilly Pulitzer is a very progressive, inclusive company, you see. Just ask Eleni Tavantzis, Senior Manager, Social-Media Marketing and Public Relations:

“Lilly herself was ultrainclusive. When I talk about the wild parties that she threw, she was known for always inviting her favorite gardener, and  the heiress next door in Palm Beach,” she said.

A gardener and an heiress – in the same party space! Would a company founded by a woman who requested that her maintenance workers return to her home in their free time promote a corporate culture that abided body-shaming? I think not!

Should you be surprised that an employee at a company almost exclusively staffed by young, attractive, well-connected people posted distasteful cartoons making fun of fat people in her workspace? Probably not. Should you care about this, at all? Definitely not!

Put it down, carb face.


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