#LickDonutsWithAri Is The Worst New Thing To Hit Instagram

So after Ariana Grande's donut-gate from last week, she's become public enemy number one in America – nobody says “I hate America” the week after July 4th and get's away with it. Plus, we were all over the whole fake school girl, high ponytail thing.



But despite having one less problem with Ariana's fall from grace, tweens are starting #LickDonutsWithAri to support her. They post photos to Insta where they're licking the donut emoji or a real life donut. I get being a die hard fan, I too wanted the reporters to leave Britney alone, but Ariana's diva attitude is finally catching up with her.



There's a huge difference between being a shitty mother who may or may not do coke and being an unpatriotic fuck who screws up somebody's business. There's a difference between being a hater and calling somebody out on their shit.




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