Let It Out, Sweetie: Weekly Horoscopes, February 4-8

We made it to February! It feels like only six short months ago that 2019 started, but it has in fact only been four weeks. Time flies when society is crumbling, right? What does the month of love have in store for you? Find out in your betchy weekly horoscopes below.


This is a week for cherishing your friends, Aries. Sometimes you just need to stop and recognize how dope the people in your life are, and how lucky you are to have them. Take the next couple days to spend some time telling the people around you how much you care about them. Sure, they may think you’re dying at first, but once they realize you’ve just hit a sentimental streak, they’ll appreciate the affirmation.


This week is all about focus, Taurus. You’re going to be hit with a wave of productivity so hard you’ll be convinced you accidentally swapped out your daily vitamins for Adderall. Don’t question it, just ride it out. Try clearing out that to do list that’s been accumulating for weeks, or maybe get a jump start on some pre-spring cleaning. Whatever you do, don’t waste this sudden burst of energy. Once it’s gone, it’s not coming back.


Time for some vulnerability, Gemini. This week will have you feeling the need to open up to those around you. Sure, bottling up your insecurities and hoping they just go away sounds like a good plan for the time being, but you’ll find it’s not super effective in the long run. Your friends want to help you, but you’ve got to take the first step. When in doubt, a glass of wine never hurts.


Good vibes are coming your way, Cancer. This is a week for positivity and self-love. Over the next couple days, take some time for yourself to reflect on 2019 thus far. January may have felt like six months, but it was in fact only one, which means there’s plenty of time to reset your goals for the year. Feel free to bail on any and all plans in favor of staying home and curling up with a good book or a new show. Whatever it takes to recharge your winter-weary soul, be sure to do it.


Love is in the air, Leo. This week you’ve been bit by a romantic bug, and it’s going to have you feeling some kind of way. If there’s already a special someone in your life, don’t be afraid to shower them with this newfound affection. They’ll appreciate the attention. If you’re currently single and ready to mingle, try booting up those old dating apps you abandoned in 2018. Or better yet, try our new dating app Ship. Either way, get to matching!


This is a week for branching out, Virgo. New loves, new friends, new hobbies—it’s all possible. The only thing standing between you and this new adventurous lifestyle is…well…you. Over the next couple days, try your very best to get out of your head and experience things. Once you stop thinking about doing it, you’ll find that doing it is much easier than you anticipated.

But I already Did Something Today


You’re not usually one to struggle with confidence, Libra, but you may find doubts creeping in this week. It’s okay, you’re just finally experiencing what it’s like to be everyone else. No matter what your insecurities try to tell you, remember that you is kind, you is smart, and you is important. Hold your head high, stand strong in your convictions, and ignore anything that tells you otherwise. You’ll be back to your shiny unbreakable self in no time.


You may find yourself feeling just a little bit homesick this week, Scorpio. It’s okay, it happens to the best of us, and there’s nothing wrong with leaning into it. When that wave of nostalgia hits, don’t hesitate to surround yourself with creature comforts. Make that soup you loved when you were little. Watch that old movie that use to run on loop in your home. Hell, call your mom. You probably don’t do it enough anyway.


This is a week for communicating, Sagittarius. But wait—before you break out the soap box, here’s a handy reminder that communicating means both speaking your truth AND listening to others. You have a tendency to lean toward the former rather than the latter. For the next few days, try actively listening to what people have to say to you, or maybe even what they aren’t saying. Not everyone is as readily available to speak their mind as you, so there might be a little coaxing involved. Whatever it takes, make sure you’re present in all conversations this week. You’ll be surprised what you might learn.


You’re feeling very secure, maybe even safe, in your position right now, Capricorn. You know what that means: it’s time to shake things up. This is a week for risks, both big and small. We know that’s not necessarily your thing, so start with some baby steps. Try changing up your lunch order from the same thing you eat every other day. Wear a color that you usually wouldn’t. Try a new coffee shop and see what happens. As you get bolder, make bigger moves. Swipe right on someone who isn’t your type. Try to start up conversations with strangers. Dive into a new project at work. Whatever you do, don’t let yourself get stale.


Got finances on the brain, Aquarius? Makes sense, given that you’re right in the middle of birthday season and likely burning through cash like no other. Treating yourself during this time is to be expected, but try to have the tiniest bit of foresight when possible. In two weeks the celebrations will cease, and your bank account might not be far behind. So, be frugal where you can, and spring for some discount birthday treats if possible.


This is a week for moving on, Pisces. That’s right, you’re getting some closure whether your like it or not. You’ve been holding onto some grudges that, quite frankly, should have been left in 2018. But fear not, there’s still time to ditch them before they tank the rest of your year. Spend the next few days coming to terms with the things that are distracting you, whether or not it’s something you can fix. There’s nothing quite like realizing the stuff that’s been bothering you doesn’t actually matter as much as you once thought it did. You’ll feel better for letting it go.
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Mary Kate Fotch
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