Lemon Water Is The New Kale

Betch life can be hard sometimes because you have to carry around, like, a lot of beverages. Even though iced coffee is the normal morning betch go-to, famous women are saying lemon water is now the must have beverage.

Supposedly, drinking warm water with lemon in it has been a thing in the health-world for years. But now models (Miranda Kerr) and other famous people (Lauren Conrad, Gwyenth Paltrow) say it helps them stay super skinny and healthy by boosting their immune system and helping with digestion (read: makes them poop). Paltrow has even Gooped out on the stuff, making it part of her published detox recipe.

It’s super easy to make because you just get some warm-ish water and squeeze some lemon into it. Bam. Done.

Researchers literally have never proved drinking warm lemon water is super good for you. I mean, it’s probably better than tequila shots, but who is really to say? In fact, doctors say over and over again that your body gets rid of toxins on its own and drinking or eating things that “cleanse” you are a big waste of time.

Therefore, I’m going to continue to make fun of those people who try to peddle those liquid green garbage shakes to me on Facebook because 1) they’re still fat and 2) they’re wasting their money. Cleanses are a joke.

No word yet on if squeezing lemon into your diet coke has the same alleged benefits though.



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