Legit Psycho Pretends to Be Deaf for 9 Months To Avoid Being Single

In keeping with Oxygen’s theme of being the #1 network in America for making women look fucking insane, the channel has a new show out called “My Crazy Love” which chronicles the tales of psycho bitches (and bros) who are more than a little bit too attached to their significant others.

In one story, an Alaska waitress named Tina, straight up faked being deaf because I guess that’s what her boyfriend was into? According to crazy ass Tina, she had been so freaked out when her future bf talked to her for the first time that she froze up and then told him she was deaf. She continued to tell him she was deaf for nine whole months.

And I mean, kudos to Tina for pulling off the whole “I’m deaf” thing and turning it into a relationship. I’m no relationship expert, but I imagine there are a lot of deaf people who find that to be a dating hurdle so good for you, Tina, for turning real people’s suffering into a cute pick-up line. Very betchy. (That’s a joke, commenters.)

My Crazy Love airs on Oxygen every Tuesday at 10/9c and I for one will be tuning in not just for the entertainment, but for the sweet dating tips.



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