Learn Your Cocktail: Daiquiri

Back during the magical days when beer was yucky and our Juicy sweatsuits were on fleek, we sought the most sweet and non-alcoholic tasting drinks around. Things like wine coolers and Mike’s Hard were our favs, and drinks like a Strawberry Daiquiri made us feel sophisticated AF.

Cuba and Congress

Good for Something: So the original daiquiri is not your go-to frozen variety. Once upon a time in Cuba, an American bro near some iron mines (which were near a beach NAMED Daiquiri) supposedly invented this drink. It could have also been invented by a Congressman – in which case it would be the first time EVER that Congress passed/invented/created/DID something worthwhile. God bless America.


Originally, the daiquiri was served in a very tall glass packed with cracked ice. A teaspoon of sugar was poured over the ice, then the juice of two limes was squeezed over the top. Then you pretty much poured some white rum in, up to the tippy-top, and boom – daiquiri. Not many people drank the daiquiris until the Army and Navy Club in Washington DC got a hold of it, where it went on to become the fav drink of most fuckable prez, JFK.


  • 2 cups of crushed ice
  • 2 ounces of white rum
  • 1 ounce lime juice
  • ½ oz simple syrup

In a cocktail shaker, shake together the ice, rum, lime juice, and simple syrup. Strain the drunk into a glass and chug. You can add some strawberry juice if you’re feeling fruity.


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