Lauren Bushnell Is Dating A New Guy & They're Already IG Official

It’s legit been just three months since one of the better Bachelor couples, Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins, broke up. A lot of Bachelor Nation was legitimately #devastated at that news. The couple had just wrapped a series on the network formerly known as ABC Family (Is it Freeform or some shit now? IDK, whatever Pretty Little Liars aired on) called Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? I guess the question mark was necessary and a pretty bad omen for a couple who intended to stay together for life.

So, yeah, they broke up back in May. Which, now that I think about it, seems like a really long time ago, but every week seems like 1,000 years with all of the crazy shit that happens on the daily in Trump’s America. But I digress.

Is three months enough time to get over your fiancé and move on to someone new? Apparently Lauren thinks so. She’s been posting Snaps of her and this rando for a few weeks. Over the weekend, she posted an IG story of the two sharing a kiss. Nothing says “Hey, fuck you Ben” like a public internet makeout sesh with a new guy. 

The dude’s name is Devin Antin and he honestly looks like a poor man’s version of Ben. If Ben is the boy next door, Devin is the boy next door’s hungover cousin that has a scraggly beard and keeps asking if he can have some of your weed. In other words, I guess he’s fine, but we all would pick Ben if we were offered the choice.

Lauren Bushnell Devin Antin

Also, Devin’s Insta account is private so that makes it really hard to do background research make fun of him for his previous posts. Darn.

So what has Ben been up to? Well, he has a podcast where he discusses The Bachelorette that he cohosts with America’s favorite cryer, Ashley I., and, um, he’s been legit helping orphans in South America or something.

Ben Higgins

I’m going to say Ben wins the break up. I’m sorry, but posting Snaps and Instas of your new boo when you know it’s going to get back to the ex is kind of thirsty. C’mon Lauren, you’re hot AF and we all know you could probs get any guy you wanted. No need for that pettiness in your feed. America watched how Ben got cold feet over planning a wedding and a family and kids and all that shit, so we’re not going to fault you for going after what you want if your relationship isn’t doing it for you. We will fault you for being weird about it after the fact and posting IG stories that make it look like you’re definitely trying too hard.

Hey, too bad JoJo is actually (amazingly) still with Aaron Rodger’s little brother, or I would say she should hit Ben with a “U Up?” text.