Laundry Startup Has The Saddest Twitter Account

Dry cleaning is a huge pain in the ass, and due to the apparent dearth of in-unit washing machines in NYC, so is regular laundry (seriously, how do you people live?). It's a good thing, then that an app called FlyCleaners popped up to fill a much needed void: Place an order, they come pick it up, clean it, and deliver it to you within 21 minutes. 21 minutes from what? The time the laundry is finished? The time it's picked up? Who knows, but 21 minutes is a welcome sign in dry cleaning parlance no matter where it happens, seeing as how the place on the corner gives me side eye if I deign to want my clothes back within the week (“same day service,” my ass). This is a great idea, but seeing as how they're still a startup, it's natural to assume there are some kinks to work out. The result is their twitter account being just the saddest fucking place:

Ok, not sure why that last guy bought a pair of basic-ass sweatpants in Japan (and then had them dry cleaned?), but: This has to be the worst social media job in the world! More or less hourly, they're having to tweet at someone because they lost their shit or messed up an order. A same-day, on-demand laundry service sounds cool as hell, but damn. Maybe don't hold them to the 21 minutes thing, or at least wait until they get the kinks worked out before giving them a try. If you know the poor sap who has to run that twitter account, buy him a drink – just not red wine. Imagine how awkward it would be if you spilled some on yourself…

Or, maybe this is all a grand scheme to bring all of the frustrations of regular laundry services into the on-demand marketplace. People like authenticity, you know.


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