Lance Bass And Andy Cohen (Probably) Slept Together

If your life has been lacking in gay drama lately, here’s the news you’ve been waiting for. Last week on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen said that Lance Bass is the most famous person he’s had sex with. Like, probably TMI Andy, but it’s not nearly as bad as when Lindsay Lohan left a list of all her famous hookups at a bar. Well, Lance was basically annoyed by the whole thing, and pretty much said that they hooked up a few years ago but didn’t have sex. He also thew in the bullshit line about how what happens in the bedroom is no one else’s business. Whatever. Then Lance’s husband tweeted at Andy saying he’s not mad about the whole thing.

If we’re being honest this whole thing is pretty stupid, because when it comes down to it we know that Lance and Andy hooked up, regardless of the specifics. Now, Lance can go back to being irrelevant, and Andy can focus his attention on making middle-aged rich women feel better about their shitty life choices.


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