Lala Kent Is Reportedly Filming A 'Vanderpump Rules' Spinoff With Lisa Vanderpump

We all thought (hoped?) that Lala’s appearance on the Vanderpump Rules reunion would be the last we saw of her on our televisions. However, that might not be the case: Lala is filming a new show with Lisa Vanderpump, or so reports. It remains to be seen if a website that has “online” in its URL is any more credible than, say, your friend who blatantly makes shit up all the time for attention, but for now let’s just pretend this isn’t complete bullshit. 

Apparently, an insider told Radar “exclusively” (because the source is their intern?) that “Lala is supposed to be filming soon for Lisa Vanderpump’s new dog spin-off show.” Okay, first of all, I did some intensive research aka one cursory Google search and I see nothing about this supposed “dog show.” The closest thing I found was that Lisa is handing out the Best in Show award at the Beverly Hills Dog Show, which is hardly a spin-off. Calling the Beverly Hills Dog Show a “dog spin-off show” is like calling one piece of lettuce and a slice of tomato a “vegan cheeseburger.” 

So anyway, this exclusive intern source said, “It’s because she and Lisa are friends, and Lisa actually feels sorry for Lala… She thinks she’s misunderstood and picked on by the Vanderpump crew.” Which, okay, that’s got to be false. I’ve watched all two seasons of Lala’s tenure on Vanderpump Rules, and I would call Lisa and Lala friends like I’d call me and my eyebrow threader friends. When Lala quit her job at SUR, Lisa literally didn’t give a shit. We all saw it. Sure, it wasn’t anything on the level of Lisa telling Stassi, “You’re not important enough to hate,” but still. Their relationship was not a friendship. Also, can we discuss how weird it would be for a 56-year-old millionaire to be friends with some 20-something-year-old professional thot? What could they possibly have in common? A mutual aversion to carbs? The belief that blowjobs “don’t count” as sex? I really have no clue what they would even talk about, let alone how this would sustain an entire TV series.

Supposedly Lala and Lisa are plotting their own spin-off show about the Vanderpump Pets Foundation. Tell me again how Lala would play into this? Or how this would at all be entertaining? Sure, dogs are cute and all, but if I wanted to watch an hour of puppy videos, I’d turn on Too Cute or just like, Google it. So yeah, Sgt. Olivia Betchson is on the case and I am not for one second convinced. You tried, Radar. You tried.

If this is real, it will no doubt be the worst show to come to Bravo—and yes, I’ve seen Sweet Home Oklahoma.