Lala Kent Is Being Super Shady About Her Boyfriend, Randall Emmett

It’s been a wild ride on the Lala Kent’s Married Boyfriend Express. We went from extreme denial in season 5 to acceptance in season 6. Did I just liken finding out the identity of Lala’s boyfriend to the stages of grief? Yes, yes I did. So like, we all know that Lala is dating Randall Emmett, a movie producer who, up until recently, was married. They became Instagram official shortly after the divorce was announced, but now, Lala is acting super fucking weird. She took down all the photos of Randall on her Instagram, and has gone into what she is calling “protection mode.”

Just take a look at this now-deleted Instagram photo that I happened to fortuitously screenshot before Lala took it down:

Lala Kent Instagram

I too like to vague-Gram my boyfriend about things I could just text him privately about.

When asked in a comment on one of her pictures why Lala took down all the photos of Randall, she replied, “I’m back in protection mode. He’s not up for discussion anymore. He’s protected again. I love this question” (with a heart emoji at the end).

First of all, can we all just agree that this is SO FUCKING WEIRD? Lala, your boyfriend is 46 years old. He is a grown-ass man. I’m sure he can fend for himself. What type of protection exactly do you think this middle-aged man needs from you anyway? I know you act like you’re a gang banger from the streets of Compton (complete with a new “thug life” tattoo—yes, really), but you’re not actually out here poppin’ anyone who dares speak ill of your man. (Yes, I watch too many movies.) Like, you just… deleted a couple of photos while also drawing a ton of attention to the fact that you deleted said photos. If that’s a form of legitimate protection, I should be getting a job offer from the Witness Protection Program any day now.

Not to mention, how is removing someone’s photos off your Instagram really “protecting” them? We all know who this man is already. What is he really being protected from at this point, other than mean Instagram comments? You can just turn those off, or do what I do and refuse to read any comments on any of your posts ever. And if a 46-year-old man is so affected by mean comments on social media, well then, that speaks a lot to his maturity, and I can see why he’s dating a 27-year-old. 

It also needs to be said that if you don’t want your life and your relationship to become the objects of public scrutiny, do not willingly sign yourself up to be on a reality TV show! You just can’t have it both ways. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.