Lala Kent's Married Boyfriend Might Be Broke

On this week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, we saw the return of our favorite professional sugar baby, Lala Kent. Not much has changed except that she’s given up on denying having a married boyfriend. She did make a point to say on the show that while her boyfriend does buy her some stuff, she still has bills to pay and that is her reason for returning to SUR. Well, that’s probably not the real reason—and I don’t just mean because the real real reason is obviously because she wants to get back on TV. No. The real real real reason Lala needs a job is because the guy we’ve basically all but confirmed is her boyfriend, Randall Emmett, reportedly owes over $279,000 in taxes. No, that’s not a typo.

Okay first of all, WHAT?! How do you owe that much money in taxes? I mean, I understand the concept of just… not sending the state the money you’re supposed to send them and keeping it for yourself, but how do people really think they can get away with just not paying a cool $279,503 in taxes? The government isn’t going to forget about a sum like that. 

Page Six reached Randall Emmett’s rep for comment, who told them that there was a “‘miscommunication’ with his tax handler” and said Randall took care of the liens on Monday. IDK, that seems shady. Not as shady as dating a woman 19 years your junior when you’re still legally married, but shady nonetheless.

Anyway, Lala, hope you enjoy the private jets and the Range Rover, because it might get repoed soon.