The Boys of Laguna Beach Reunited and You All NEED to See the Picture

The boys of Laguna Beach reunited this weekend at their friend Ben Singer's wedding and posted the most disappointing Transformation Tuesday photo I've ever seen.

Ten years ago, the first season of Laguna Beach aired and we were blessed with the world's best and worst love triangle – worse than Jennifer-Brad-Angelina but better than Edward-Bella-Jacob – between LC, Kristen, and Stephen. In the prom episode, Stephen is at his classic manipulation best and asks Kristen to prom with the words “Prom…please” written on his chest. I don't want to shit on Stephen too much but that promposal was way too self congratulatory. LC would never have put up with that shit. Anyways, the prom episode ended with Kristen and Stephen having a drunk heart to heart in a limo while LC, like the betch she truly is, looked gorgeous and gave approximately zero fucks. She got perfectly buzzed and sang in a limo – dreams.

Recently Stephen, Dieter (shout out to the landslide episode), and Trey traded in their black suits for classic baby blue ties at a friend's wedding. I'm low key impressed Stephen looks so good. Granted his five o'clock shadow looks completely misplaced and he could benefit from some botox (jesus those sunken eyes), but compared to how he could look by now (see Aaron Carter's meth head chic look) he's doing alright. I always thought Dieter was weird looking and now that he looks like a more Jewish version of Ross Mathews, I'm not even fazed. But more importantly: WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO TREY?? His classic blonde bed head, his chiseled jaw, his eyes have disappeared, only to be replaced by a neck beard and square head. I'm so fucking disappointed. I doubt he can even surf anymore.

I cherish any and all opportunities to remember Laguna Beach, so thanks Stephen – ten years later and you're still making girls think you're the good guy.

Source: E! online


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