Lady Gaga’s Music Video for ‘Applause’ is Stupid, as Expected

I'm not going to lie, I talked a lot of shit about Miley's 'We Can't Stop' when I first heard the song and saw the video. But now, anytime it comes on during a #23 pregame or at a bar, I think I've become conditioned to take a shot or dance like a complete maniac. I mean, it's not on the level of singing and dancing that comes out of me when I hear Avicii's 'Wake Me Up' (that shit gets me more excited than new episodes of Breaking Bad) but I still fucking love it. So that brings me to Lady Gaga's new song and video, 'Applause.'

As Gawker so eloquently put it, “'Applause' sounds much better when you look at it on mute.” Indeed, the music video looks like it could be an installment at the MOMA, but it could also be a fucking over-the-top stupid music video for a stupid fucking song. In the video she not only compares herself to Venus, places her Gaga-head on a swan, and dances around with black hand things covering her boobs and vag, but she also smugly smiles as she applauses herself for singing a song about living for the applause. So, nothing out of the ordinary for her. 

But really, more birds? What's with the egg fetish? Did you get a bad batch of eggs at Fairway? 

I want to yell “SOMEONE TELL THIS BITCH TO PLEASE STOP!!” But that would be hypocritical of me seeing as I said the same thing about Miley and now all I want is for her to keep going. But I guess the inherent difference between the two is that Miley doesn't think she's fucking Madonna or some sort of divine creature that's been put on this earth to change the nature of music and pop culture. Gaga, you're dancing naked to a song that sounds like a subpar single by Ace of Base. Give it a rest, and then maybe I'll give you a golf clap. 


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