Lady Gaga Has A New Man, And It's Not Bradley Cooper

After almost a year of speculation about whether Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper would get together, we can finally stop guessing. Things picked up steam when Lady Gaga broke off her engagement with Christian Carino in February, and we all remember the Oscars, when they were practically oozing horniness for each other. I really got my hopes up when Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk officially broke up earlier this summer, but it seems like it’s just not meant to be. Lady Gaga’s been spotted with a new man, and it ain’t Bradley Cooper.

On Sunday, Lady Gaga was seen at brunch in LA with Dan Horton, an audio engineer who has worked with Gaga, in addition to other top names in music like Ariana Grande and Justin Timberlake. Lucky for us, they ate outside, so there are lots of paparazzi photos of them together, including one in which they’re very clearly kissing. I’m really not a fan of the fact that they’re like, making out in the middle of a restaurant, but I’m glad that these photos exist.

It’s too soon to know if this is any kind of serious relationship, but dating an audio engineer would kind of make sense, since her ex-fiancé was a talent agent. Bradley Cooper is almost too obvious for Lady Gaga, and it seems like she prefers someone a little more under the radar. Dan Horton was involved in the audio work for her current Vegas residency show Enigma, so it makes sense that they might have struck up more of a relationship during that process. Despite all the rumors about Gaga and Bradley, this is the first time we’ve actually seen her out with a man since the end of her engagement, so I’m glad she seems to be doing well.

Also, in the photos of them leaving the restaurant, she was carrying the same ugly Celine bag that she was paid to put on her Instagram last fall. I’m not sure if this is intentional product placement in paparazzi photos, but I would love for Lady Gaga to buy a new purse.

And no, I’m not going to comment on her shorts, because I feel like they speak for themselves.

Sadly, Dan Horton’s Instagram is private, so there’s limited stalking we can do, but his ex-wife is more than happy to be a little messy for us. Her name is Autumn Guzzardi, and she’s a musical theatre actress currently in Rock of Ages Off-Broadway. Yesterday, she posted this photo of herself, and the caption is big messy-bitch-who-lives-for-drama energy. I’m obsessed.

“Poker Face”!!!

However you feel about a petty caption like this, it’s refreshing that someone’s willing to make a comment on the situation. You know Lady Gaga isn’t going to say anything about a potential new relationship, and Dan Horton doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who’s going to go talk to TMZ, so cheers to Autumn for saying something. Maybe I’ll go buy a ticket to Rock of Ages to support her. Okay, I’m not going to do that, but I still like her.

We’ll see if Lady Gaga keeps hanging out with Dan Horton, or if she’s in more of a casual place. I don’t really think of Lady Gaga as a casual dater, so it wouldn’t surprise me if this turns into something long-term. She’s been engaged twice, but has yet to make it down the aisle, and I really need to see what a Lady Gaga wedding looks like. This is the one thing that’s keeping me going anymore.

Images: Shutterstock; pagesix, popcravenet / Twitter; autumnguzzardi / Instagram

Dylan Hafer
Dylan Hafer
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