Kyrie Irving Is A Huge Friends Fan, Wins Women’s Hearts Everywhere

Kyrie Irving plays for the Cleveland Cavs basketball team, so you've definitely heard bros bitching about his injury for the past two months while you aggressively drank gin and tonics. Well, turns out you should have been paying attention because homeboy has a tattoo of the Friends tv show logo. But he doesn't know that he knows that we know that he knows.

This changes everything. Does he watch an episode before every game or does he binge watch in the off season? Did he get the tattoo after seeing the season finale or was it a drunken bet? Does he think that Rachel and Ross were on a break? Is Smelly Cat his pump up song? The only thing we do know is that he says “pivot” during a basketball game.

Sure being a professional basketball player and a millionaire might help Kyrie get women, but nothing is more attractive than a man who will lay in bed and Netflix binge watch Friends with you. He really needs to start advertising this.


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