Kylie Jenner’s Grills Are Back

Back by not so popular demand to the social media world are Kylie Jenner’s grills. I still don’t understand when pearly white teeth post braces went out of style. Yes I still know every word of the Nelly song and I do absolutely adore diamonds on just about anything but I really have no desire to have them on my teeth. The epidemic of white people thinking they can pull of dreadlocks and grills is rather frightening.

“Kylizzle” showed off these gold and diamond teeth in multiple videos driving in her car, lip-syncing to some rap music with her gal pal we assume is a part of what she likes to refer to as her “homies” or “team.” The wind is blowing in their hair, making for a great impromptu (probably only contoured her face for the Instagrams) music video shoot in her G-Wagon. Even better you can see out of the car window that they are moving rather quickly…is no one concerned that not only is Kylie Jenner’s life consumed by selfies but she also is doing so while operating a vehicle? I mean I’m guilty of the occasional text while at a stop light or changing the music on my iPhone but a full on video mid cruise…no. One thing's for sure…Kylie clearly can't drive for shit.




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