Kylie Jenner’s App Leaks Personal Data Of 600k Idiots

Hey, did you know that Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner all released nearly identical apps yesterday? Did you know that if you wanted to know how to dress like them, or see Kim's bare boobs for the 500th time, or learn from Kylie how to look like you're 40 before you turn 20, that you'd have to pay each Kardashian/Jenner sister the princely sum of $2.99 per month? I'm assuming you did know that, since you can read, unlike the million or so mouth-breathing morons who decided it would be smart to hand it over to Kim and Kylie and co., who already have more than they could spend in five lifetimes. Here, I even Instagrammed about it last night when I was drinking (the only time I Instagram):


It turns out that Karma is real and wishes really do come true, because now I can have that list! Some developer guy dug around the shitty websites that accompany the apps, and eventually found that he was able to access the names and email addresses from some 600,000 users on Kylie Jenner site. Altogether, the personal data of nearly 900,000 people was leaked. He also found that Kylie is by far the most popular, while Kendall is the least popular, which says a lot about the people who give a shit about the Kardashians and society as a whole: Kendall, the one who at least pretends to have a real career outside of being a shameless famewhore, is the one people are least interested in. Let that sink in a while and see if you don't agree that every single dipshit who agreed to pay money to “cop my look” doesn't deserve to get thrown into a volcano.

Nearly a million people agreed to pay $3 per month to look at what amounts to the Kardashian/Jenner girls' Instagrams (which are free), and now those people will get endless emails from Nigerians trying to sell them penis enlargement pills. You pay for garbage, you get garbage. The universe tends to unfold as it should.


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