Kylie Jenner (Sort Of) Did Blackface

People love to hate on Kylie Jenner for everything from her lips to her taste in men, but some lame people got especially mad over the weekend when Kylie posted some pics to her Instagram where it sort of looked a little like she was in blackface. Not saying that Kylie is perfect (because ugh), but this whole thing is ridiculous. 



Before you comment that this entire site is racist, let's discuss the actual photos. It's pretty fucking obvious that Kylie just has like some shimmery makeup all over her face, and that there's a dark light in the photo. She looks like an alien, which is great if you're into that sort of thing, but it's way different than trying to look black.

Kylie deleted the photos, then reposted them with a caption telling everyone to calm down, which is pretty ballsy considering how many likes she probably already had on the first ones. Whatever, maybe this is all just building up publicity for when she gets her own spinoff show. For now, take Kylie's advice and fucking calm down.




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