A Photo Of What Looks To Be A Very Pregnant Kylie Jenner Is Going Viral On Twitter

If you’ve been following the Kardashian pregnancies with the same zeal with which some people follow the actual news, you’ll be excited to know that today might be the day we finally put an end to the rumors once and for all. A photo is circulating around Twitter that appears to show a very pregnant Kylie Jenner, so perhaps we can all finally stop speculating. Thank the lord. This is the Christmas gift I’ve been waiting for. (I’m Jewish, but even still.)

Before I show you the photo, let’s back up. How did I come across this photo? Easy—my coworker frantically sent me the tweet it’s attached to. Now, who tweeted it? It comes from Twitter user @salruffino, a self-proclaimed “film maker” from Bristol with a moderate Instagram following and a Tumblr account. So basically, every teen in the world. Sal tweeted out a paparazzi-style shot of what appears to be a very pregnany Kylie Jenner, and Twitter promptly went nuts. 

In the name of journalism, I’ve got to say: Sure, this looks like it *could* be Kylie Jenner, but it also could be literally anyone with straight black hair. We don’t know that this photo is really of Kylie, or that it hasn’t been altered. So, yeah, it may show a super pregnant Kylie, but until its authenticity is verified (which it probably never will be, since Kris Jenner is determined to drag this media circus out as long as possible), we really can’t say anything with any degree of certainty. Basically, take this picture as you will, and see it however you want to see it. Which is kind of a beautiful sentiment if you think about it.

One thing is for sure, though: Whoever took this photo seriously needs to upgrade their phone.